Neville grew up in a musical home and from a young age was interested in Audio Visual equipment. In 1985 he joined "HiFi Installations" part time while studing.  When he completed his studies he joined "Hifi Installations" full time. After working as store manager for 5 years it was time to move on, he opened 2 retail stores, "HiFi Innovation" was a store that focused on High-End Audio till 1995. 

As fate will have it, Neville met an architech Julian Michaels who was so impressed with the client service that he opted to give Neville exclusivity to every new house for the design and supply of the AV and Security systems. This partnership taught him CAD design, project management, and with his technical qualification Neville established himself as one of the professionals in the Custom Audio and Video industry. 

Neville spend 2 years working in NYC in partnership with "Sunny Electronics" on 5th avenue establishing his USA supplier connections. With access to over 500 brands of products, clients get the benefit of product choice, this combined with Neville's design expertise, coupled with practical installation experience Neville offers a one stop solution where all services are in-house.

Still to this day Neville personally designs every system he is involved in and manages his Installation teams where ever they might be on contract.




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