35 Years in the Audio Visual industry with work experience all over the USA, Africa and Mauritius.

System Designed and supply on multiple levels from entry-level DIY to full custom multi-dwelling systems. 

Home Automation & Control

What is smart home technology?

This question is becoming more relevant every day as the need for connected home services becomes more prevalent.

A smart home is one where most, if not all, electronic devices can communicate with one another and can understand each other. Smart home technology dumbs all the complicated stuff and provides you with a single, easy to use interface which enables you to interact with all these electronic services simply and conveniently.

A smart home or home automation system is designed to seamlessly integrate your sound, security, lighting and comfort services to provide convenience, safety and energy efficiency.


DIY Automation Products.

We supply a full range of DIY Automation products that can be installed by the individual with only a little bit of electrical knowledge.