Equipment Room Design

Choose the right partner for you new home wiring needs.

We work closely with you and your contractor to ensure that the right wiring is installed to take your home into the digital future.



Your decision to build a new home means that you can create something unique, just for you. One advantage is the opportunity to incorporate cabling and infrastructure for today's—and tomorrow's—advanced communications technologies.

A pre-wired or "connected" home provides for high-speed Internet service, digital television, local computer networks within the home, an efficient home office, home entertainment centers, environmental (blinds) and energy management systems and home security networks.

Standard cabling that most new home builders include, such as multiple cable TV and telephone outlets are out of step with the fast emerging new technologies of streaming media and wireless communication.  We can install more comprehensive pre-wiring to suit your advanced communication and automation needs.

When you are in the design stage of your new home, ask your contractor to sit down with us and discuss your pre-wiring needs. Here are important aspects to consider;

  • Think long term. We are seeing a shift to higher TV resolution, and higher network bandwidths and delivery methods.  Technologies will certainly continue to  improve. Providing flexibility to grow is an important feature in a pre-wired network.


  • Pre-wire and connect the entire house, not just selected rooms or areas. Think of future technologies that impact the house, including the kitchen and laundry room.


  • Personal computer use in the home is increasing. Whilst wireless technologies will help, multiple outlets and high-speed Internet connection throughout the house is key to proper functionality.


  • Consider your entertainment needs. If you are planning a home entertainment center, you'll want to wire for speakers, outlets, cable and Internet connections.  You may also want to pre-wire for sound throughout the house (including the patio and garden), with the ability to control the music with your mobile device or touchpad. Consider having a central closet for all the Electronics, with control by touch panels.


  • Think about your home security.  Perhaps you would like surveillance cameras that can be viewed from your touch panels or cellphone in the home, or when you are away.  Or have the lights come on when you are on holiday, or be alerted when there is a water leak, or have the ability to turn the gas off remotely.

It makes a lot of sense to invest in a well thought out pre-wire; you will love your home, and its market value will certainly increase.


Call us to sit down and consult, bring your home plans, we would love to hear from you.