All our designs are done inhouse with over 25 years experience in custom designs.

Why do you need an Audiovisual design engineer?

Audiovisual design engineers are responsible for the development, implementation, and installation of audiovisual systems. Some of these systems are on small scales such as music studios, while others are on large scales such as concert arenas, and each requires timely and precise installation by experienced audiovisual engineers. They are also responsible for all design aspects of the job, including layout and various audio/visual specifications.

Punctuality and precision are very important in this position, so time-management skills are highly beneficial. Audiovisual engineers are also responsible for researching and implementing new software, as well as technological developments to improve various aspects of the job. They typically work in conjunction with other staff members, so strong verbal and written communication skills are also important.

Audiovisual Design Engineer Tasks including:

• Manage audiovisual projects from planning stages to completion.
• Install, configure, and deliver audiovisual projects as contracted.
• Provide recommendations to management regarding solutions to potential project risks and issues.
• Test and troubleshoot audiovisual systems to ensure they work before job completion.
• Establish project schedules and deadlines to ensure they are realistic and attainable.