RSA Aerobatic pilot Joins European Airshow Circuit

19 July 2018

Today, South African Aerobatic Pilot, Neville Ferreira, announced his participation in the European Aerobatic and Airshow circuit.

After 8 years since he started with competition aerobatics at Vereeniging and 5 years actively on the local airshow circuit he was contracted to display the Genpro from Genevation. This has been in process since January of this year.

In Neville’s press release, he gave thanks and respect to Stu Lithgow who introduced him to aerobatics and trained him in  2004. Bertus Du Preez  was also mentioned who shaped Neville’s Yak skills from 2008-2012, and finally the drive from Nigel Hopkins, encouraging new aerobatic pilots to keep on progressing to the next level.

Neville’s new portfolio will be as the English spokesperson for the Hungarian company and official Display pilot. On the Competition side he is joined by Daniel Genevey who flies Redbull #78. From next years 2019 airshow season there will be a 3 ship formation team.

During Neville’s visit to the factory in May,  he discovered the extreme low speed maneuvering capabilities of the Genpro while flying the freestyle program. Not knowing it at the time, but this personal style landed him the new career to display the Genpro around Europe and the USA. His new coach for both Freestyle and Aerobatics is “Coco” Claude Bessiere from France.

This flying style has become the signature display sequence for the company and as Genl. Des Baker commented on the style:-

Freestyle Display - European Unlimited Competition September 2018

If you would like to receive training in this regime - contact Neville Ferreira Aerobatic Academy.